The Deck of the Bastard

The Deck of the Bastard is a hybrid tarot deck that draws from a number of antique/vintage decks.


The creator says:
I always wanted a vintage deck. But they were so expensive. I saw them on eBay (over $500) and even then, the old decks did not have the same cards we use today (no Hanged Man, & with odd cards like “Birds & Animals” & such). As an artist, over the years I tried to design a vintage – looking deck…but, I could never make anything I was happy with.

In frustration, I finally bastardized several vintage decks, including the Egyptiens Fortune Telling Cards by Delarue France in the 1890’s, the Dames deck and the Rider Waite deck for most of the pips. I added vintage edges in the borders and photo-shopped antiquing onto each individual card (NOT dropped into a single TEMPLATE! ), and unified them with similar colorings. For the back, I used an antique book cover that I edited.


The cards look beautiful and are “aged” quite well for an authentic appearance. While $70 is too steep for me at the moment, I do think these cards would be a great collector’s item.

The Deck of the Bastard


10 Responses to “The Deck of the Bastard”

  1. hocuspocus13 Says:

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  2. I haven’t heard of that one, but I haven’t really looked into vintage cards. Interesting. 🙂

  3. Really nice tarot cards. Rich earthy colors and sepia antiquation is topnotch, even if it’s faux, but so what, you know. The bottom pic makes me think a jumbled collaged print would make an attractive tablecloth, preferably on a round table, with a crystal ball centered in the middle.
    Real antiquates are always preferred though. The touch of time makes objects exceedingly special: Patina infers meaning, gives the object an identity, an echo that connects history and can connect the dead to the living, figuratively and literally.

  4. They’re really beautiful! You always post the most beautiful things.

  5. On my gosh! I’ve been looking for these for ages! thankyou thankyou!

  6. I want to have more information on the Egyptiens fortune telling cards by Delarue, France 1890. I have one the original set, given to my French grandmother by her aunt named Josephine. What do you think? I wish I can attach a pic of my set!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Monica…wow! You have an original set! It’s hard to even find pictures of them online. You’re lucky. 🙂

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