Not long ago, I had a dream that I was crafting a sacred geometry shape out of silver wire in my (hopefully soon to actually exist) metalwork area at home. This led me to a search a few things and stumble upon Delftia .

My favorite piece in the collection:

Here’s one I’ve yet to see anywhere else (though I can’t say I’ve searched much hypercube jewelry).

Great jewelry for science geeks in this Etsy shop.



5 Responses to “Delftia”


    You’ll be great at this, Dana!

  2. A metalworking area? Ooh, that sounds exciting!

    Yep, the golden-ratio spiral’s my fave too. (Just googled ‘Delftia’ btw, and I’m enchanted by the idea of a bacterium pooing gold nuggets!) -Nx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Just before I had to go across the country to stay w/family due to health problems, my housemate and I were setting up a craft studio in the basement! Very excited.

  3. That would be cool, Dana.

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