Easter Cake Wrecks

This holiday, along with Christmas, lends itself to some spectacular cake disasters.

Speaking of…at first I thought this was a colorblind attempt at a Christmas tree. Nope. It’s an egg. “Oval” is such a hard shape to make though.

While as yet an uncommon treatment for psychiatric disturbances in domesticated fowl, here we see electroconvulsive therapy being administered to a newborn chick. This procedure requires extensive clinical supervision. Talk to your healthcare provider.

Hey now, this is a family blog, miss! Can I interest you in a t-shirt or modest shawl?

I thought this animal’s eyes were firmly implanted in the middle of its own ears, until I noticed the green arcs on the side which are…the actual ears?

This is a difficult cake to behold, existentially. The poor creature’s life is clearly flashing before its stunned eyes, a split second before an untimely demise.

If you’re going to get emotional on holidays, try waterproof eye makeup.

I got nothin’.

“Young lady, I TOLD you if you kept feeding glow sticks to the rabbit, something bad would happen!”

With the advent of modern meat production, some slight anatomical anomalies began to emerge.

And now my favorite: crucified carrots against a backdrop of a toddler’s finger painting. Now THAT, my friends…is how Easter is done.


5 Responses to “Easter Cake Wrecks”

  1. LMAO! Awesome job, I laughed more as I scrolled down. I think it’s so nice the local insane asylum has cake fundraisers, and apparently the Easter bunny approves of such holy mastery. I’m betting some poor sucker is gonna get a cigarette butt on their fork. It’s these moments I’m glad I know how to bake as a man.

  2. Oh gosh, so many to choose from. The crucified carrots are truly inspired, as is the green-eyed Easter Piggy – sorry, Bunny – but for sheer holiday exuberance it’s hard to beat that electrified chick. Sort of, ‘Fowl meets Bride of Frankenstein’. Brilliant! -Nx

  3. *spits coffee out*

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