Olga Valeska

I’m falling in love with Olga Valeska’s photography…


The rich warm colors of autumn…the beautiful composition…I want to step into these scenes and bask in the warm, hazy glow and vibrant reds.



She has done amazing work with this model, who seems to be quite the muse! I must say, it is a perfect model choice for these photographs.

Olgae Valeska


One Response to “Olga Valeska”

  1. I fell instantly in love, such a romantic fairytale existence; one I would, well, love to dwell in. I could easily live in that house hunkered amidst autumn’s glory. My favorite season of all. He must’ve drove up that tree. Say sorry and help her down before the crows take her away. Such a beautiful mess is the third pic, the cat and all. Who hasn’t lamented out a window on a rainy day, imagining the world is crying, too. I wonder what she’s thinking? The model is reminiscent of you, D, or that’s how perceive her. And like you, she’s seemingly frozen against her will. Love that blue dress, too.

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