Julianna Menna

From afar, you might think you’re looking at panels and portraits by one of the old masters.


But stepping closer you will see that Julianna Menna’s subjects differ ever so slightly from those in classical portraiture…in that they are inhuman and have no flesh.



Adornments spring from imaginary period costumes, unique yet strangely congruent with something that we…or a vaguely anthropomorphic species…might have invented in another time and place.


Julianna Menna


5 Responses to “Julianna Menna”

  1. The combination of beaks and teeth make for an interesting twist don’t you think?

  2. Nice artwork and even nicer colors. Well, according to ancient theorists and “retired” archeologists the Cimmerian culture has hieroglyphic records of similar anthropomorphic creatures existing but with flesh. The most readily famous affirmation of this is the Egyptian hieroglyphs, such as Anubis.

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