NYCHOS creates incredible, exploding, expanding, madly deconstructed pieces of street art.


Like a recipe of classic Beauchene Skull’s in paint, anatomy textbooks and the bubbly, colorful stylings of lowbrow art…these murals must be a wonder to behold in person.






3 Responses to “NYCHOS”

  1. Astounding work, all of it, and on the website. Like the effort in detail and anatomical correctness, well, at least as functionally correct as needed. Seeing how cool that gator is, a dragon would be plain awesome. Fav is the last. I think we’ve all felt our head was about to explode, and some hell of a lot worse than others, right Dana.

  2. I’d never heard of a Beauchene Skull before. Is it very wrong that I now desperately want to own one…? -Nx

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