Desktop Goodies: Food & Fashion

Look at these expressive faces!





The most perfectly melted cheese I’ve ever seen…in a necklace.

Um, just throw enough leftover crap excavated from couch cushions, past holiday waste and candy dishes on top. VIOLA…festive cake!


Until now, I’m sure you’ve underestimated the sensual qualities of lettuce.

Sweet, sweet style.



I’ll finish with this sexy vintage shark.


7 Responses to “Desktop Goodies: Food & Fashion”

  1. I wonder what “Manteca”, as in manteca fed beef is?

  2. And thereby, apparently, hangs a lawsuit: 😉

  3. Oh, forgot to say: Love the necklace, but I may never be able to eat lettuce again (so all good, then 🙂 ) -Nx

  4. OMG! Where do I start?

    I remember that Dracula Slim Jim ad from my comic book days. I was one of those weird boys that sniffed my comics as I read it, they had a bubblegum minty-grape scent. Glad it didn’t affect me. Glad it didn’t affect me. Glad it didn’t affect me.

    It amazing how healthy eating habits evolved since the good ole days, then again we all eat beaver butt now, so what the heck. Spread a lot of butter for rosy-red cheeks; smoke cigarettes after meals for better digestion, chew sugar cubes to maintain energy and devour much beef every dinner to create strong muscles unlike your vegetarian neighbor. Then again is modern civilization any better, after all, we consume toxic chemicals and beaver butt now, so what the heck. You just knew I was gonna interject that 😉

    The bottom of that condensed milk ad should say, “Bosoms have nothing on us!

    …and enjoy some Oreo, I mean Hydrox cookies with the condensed milk why don’ t you. The space helmet the kid is wearing is a toy astronaut helmet lucky kid’s could actually obtain by submitting enough proofs of purchase. Today it’s very rare to find and could fetch well above a thousand dollars.

    Don’t kill your baby. Sadly there’s a lot of ignorant mothers’, and fathers’ too, out there still. Not maybe because they’re IQ is low but more likely for the most part they’re ignorant about their bodies health and sadly how it impacts the child’s development. The rule of thumb should be if a woman/couple doesn’t know how to maintain their own health, don’t even think about bringing a baby into the world.

    WOW! That’s one heck of a realistic-looking grilled cheese sandwich necklace pendant !!! Well, there’s something I can finally cross off my bucket list…. 35# Find amazing grilled cheese necklace.

    LOL! Couch candy! Just looking at those cakes gives me diabetes! They should be called Cake Bombs, because when you serve one at a kid’s B-party, slam the door shut and run for your life before their blood sugar levels explode. Notice what the little sign signs: Fruit Topped Cheesecake. Since when is candy fruit. These are obviously constructed by people who eat Skittles for Vitamin C. It confirms what I said above. But don’t me wrong, I love candy, especially when it’s free!

    Oil, vinegar and salad leafs, hmmmm. I guess it’s a record album for vegetarian lovers. There’s an omnivore album called Meat & Gravy and also a fruitarian album called Maraschinos & Bananas.

    Sweet, sweet style or Willy Wonka’s Swiss clothing line.

    I still don’t get the Action pants. Is it about a quick-draw zipper and the snack pack holds granola for those long periods at the stall.

    I don’t always wear a white fluffy cardigan and scarf. But when I do I hold a chicken that doesn’t clash.

    The hottest seafood label I ever seen or just maybe the sexiest shark costume that hasn’t been made yet.

  5. Don’t Kill Your Baby, Now that’s some sound advice right there.

    I can’t believe they had biscuits called Hydrox. It sounds like cough syrup or something

  6. ӏ used to be able too find good advice from your blog articles.

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