Technicolor Russian Caves

Nature will always be THE original artist.

Abandoned Salt Mine

These photos were taken deep underground within the miles of abandoned mines beneath Yekaterinburg, Russia. Layers of carnallite — a mineral used in fertilizers — band the tunnel walls, producing these technicolor masterpieces.

Abandoned Salt Mine


Shortly after seeing this article, I came across another article with a series of 10 gorgeous colorful locations. Definitely check them out.


3 Responses to “Technicolor Russian Caves”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous & spellbinding. Good thing you also supplied the extra link, so much more awesomeness there to behold. Just goes to show how spectacular our planet is. Some people can knock technology all they want yet without it billions would never get to see these amazing natural wonders of art and you couldn’t have posted it.

  2. Wow. It is amazing what mother nature can create. She really is a true artist.

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