Valentine Roundup

I suppose I’ve made more of a fuss over Valentine’s Day on this blog in previous years. Not sure why it kind of escaped me this time around, but since I didn’t do a countdown or themed posts, here are a few links to “Valentine” goodies (I use the holiday label loosely).

Wild at Heart Installation:


Rib Cage Cookies:

X-ray Lovers Portraits:
Adobe Photoshop PDF

I may return with more as the day goes on!


3 Responses to “Valentine Roundup”

  1. That heart balloon is awesome. Imagine if somebody made a giant balloon that was an anatomically correct skeleton complete with organs and vascular system, that would be something else! Those cookies are works of art, too bad I would devour them. Love the X-ray lovers!

  2. Love those rib cage cookies!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope everyone got to spend a little time with someone who makes them feel truly happy. -Nx

  3. Giant floating heart! Terrifying!

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