1966 Batman Valentines

Andertoons has a nice collection of 1966 Batman Valentines.


These are a must-see for any fan of old school Batman.


On the bottom of the post, there are links to other superhero valentines as well. See more here.

5 Responses to “1966 Batman Valentines”

  1. awww…you make MY heart go vrooom,,,,

  2. So groovy, that’s ingenious for Batman lovers ( pun intended ) and I’m bias about the name, something about it. This is the Underoos wearing Batman I grew up with and had toys of that I believe are in a dusty box somewhere. Unfortunately I played with my toys like a chimpanzee hence why probably no collectible value is left whatsoever, just irreplaceable childhood memories. Which in wisdom is the real fortune I guess. Only thing better is to watch your own kids play and bringing us full circle because Valentine’s day is the number one day for conception.

  3. Reblogged this on juevezukiyata and commented:
    y mañana es 14 de febrero

  4. Batcopter and dragnet, now THAT’S romance

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