1966 Batman Valentines

Andertoons has a nice collection of 1966 Batman Valentines.


These are a must-see for any fan of old school Batman.


On the bottom of the post, there are links to other superhero valentines as well. See more here.


5 Responses to “1966 Batman Valentines”

  1. awww…you make MY heart go vrooom,,,,

  2. So groovy, that’s ingenious for Batman lovers ( pun intended ) and I’m bias about the name, something about it. This is the Underoos wearing Batman I grew up with and had toys of that I believe are in a dusty box somewhere. Unfortunately I played with my toys like a chimpanzee hence why probably no collectible value is left whatsoever, just irreplaceable childhood memories. Which in wisdom is the real fortune I guess. Only thing better is to watch your own kids play and bringing us full circle because Valentine’s day is the number one day for conception.

  3. yukimaimusume Says:

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    y mañana es 14 de febrero

  4. Batcopter and dragnet, now THAT’S romance

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