Steampunk Mountain Lamp

Thanks to Ulrike for showing me this lovely lamp.


This one-of-a-kind table lamp is expertly crafted from a perfect amalgamation of modern electrical components and upcycled vintage and antique materials. It is comprised almost entirely of brass, steel, copper, glass and iron (it’s very heavy). Flip the switch for the eerie plasma light effect, and then push the left shift key to turn on the incandescent lights.

The proliferation of steampunk modifications out there has made me pretty picky…but I think this one is a very worthy effort.

Steampunk Mountain


2 Responses to “Steampunk Mountain Lamp”

  1. I favor this as a novelty piece and the price tag is, well, reaching the clouds. To warrant that wallet dump I would’ve preferred that poor antique typewriter been revamped as one those cool typewriter-computers some people are making. I’m always compelled by the ingenuity steampunk aficionados possess and I agree the proliferation of it sometimes makes me scratch my head. Steampunk is one of those particular genres you either get or you don’t. Fortunately I do get it and I love it.

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