Wild Unknown Tarot

I was given The Wild Unknown Tarot for Christmas (after *very* strongly hinting that I wanted it).

For collectors of interesting decks, this one is unique and well done. The art and concepts, mostly depicted in black and white with occasional splashes of color, work beautifully.

A small preview:

The Wild Unknown Tarot


5 Responses to “Wild Unknown Tarot”

  1. Gorgeous set of tarot cards. I’ll be curious to find out which card mysteriously comes up the most over time. That would also make an awesome collage mural by enlarging a picture of all 78 cards neatly in a row, quite like what you already did.

  2. Very nice, I like The Hermit!

  3. I collect Tarot decks (now there’s a surprise, huh?) and would LOVE to own this one! My fave here is the Hanged Man – but he’s a bat after all, so how could I resist…….? 😉 -Nx

  4. I just started using it. Just for myself. I really love the images and the guide book to me is great. My daughter first discovered it and I just loved the everything. I watched YouTube too and made me want it more. The words shared inside the box were great too.

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