Ransom and Mitchell: Across from Familiar

I was remiss in posting about this show at Roque La Rue when it actually happened, because I was dealing with hospital things.


I’ve spent many years pouring over art and photography sites, collecting literally thousands of links. Ransom and Mitchell are by far my favorite photography team ever and that is saying hell of a lot!


They don’t just photograph, they create entire worlds. Each image is a surreal, vivid tableau that you can get lost in. I have half a mind to carry their portfolio with me and accost random strangers on the street with it just to spread the beauty!


From the exhibit description:

San Francisco based art power duo Ransom & Mitchell create compelling, dark pop-baroque imagery using a distinctive blend of photography, digital elements, and most surprisingly, large scale and elaborate hand built sets, costumes, and props. For this exhibition, “Across From Familiar “, we specially selected a series of works that all share a similar ornately beautiful yet macabre aesthetic.


I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes when my health is particularly bad, I think of appearing in one of their photos when I recover…and I’m re-inspired!



Roque La Rue
Ransom and Mitchell

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.


4 Responses to “Ransom and Mitchell: Across from Familiar”

  1. destiniingoldsby Says:

    Very interesting pieces, I like them alot!

  2. I’m loving the bird cage hairdo!

  3. Absolutely magnificent, spellbinding work, and lots of work it is. Checking their site confirms the labor/talent involved. I definitely see why you dream of starring in a photo- perhaps a poetic vision of conquering death -maybe smiting a grim reaper to make room for leaving a sick, grueling world at the threshold of a lustrous blooming garden. I tell you one thing, this is giving me ideas!

  4. These are amazing! Quite magical. It’s really strange to think of the amount of work that goes into each photograph… in this day and age!

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