I just arrived home from the hospital. Full story coming shortly (for those interested). My recovery is going to be long, but I plan to start posting again tomorrow!


Thanks to my AMAZING proxy blogger for keeping this site alive while *I* was being kept alive! I’m eternally grateful.


9 Responses to “Home”

  1. I’m so glad you’re home, the hospital is no place to get well, let the healing begin.

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Dana, always my pleasure. Love you, but hate your guts! 😉 They had better behave from now on, or else!

  3. There is nothing better than home! I hate hospitals so much I had my babies at home. Time to rest and heal. Love you!

  4. Very good news! Love you and miss like mad! xoxox

  5. Dana, I don’t even know you that well, but you were suddenly inexplicably in my thoughts as I awoke before dawn this morning, and stayed in my thoughts until I just read your post. Maybe I knew I would hear something from you today, such an unexplainable connection I feel with you, a strong “knowing”, beyond the ordinary world I know and understand. This is not the first time that you have appeared in my mind and captured my thoughts, only to hear news from you just hours later, this has happened several times. I’m not a spiritual person, and this doesn’t happen to me in regards to others, so though I find this to be curious and unexplainable, it seems more than sheer coincidence, and adds to life’s wonder and mystery for me somehow. I’m so happy you are home and on the mend. With fondness, admiration, and warm wishes, always. Your friend forever, ~ JoDavid

  6. Keith Hudgins Says:

    Just a big Hooray! So glad your home! That news made me smile 🙂

  7. Finally, you’re home. What an awesome surprise. I think you know how happy that makes me. 99

  8. Ah, that’s so good to hear! Been offline for a couple of days, and what lovely news to come back to! Get well soon Dana. Love, Neta x

  9. shewalkssoftly Says:

    Thank you, dear friends!

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