Creepmas Day 10: Collaborative Desktop Goodies!

(Thanks, Bill!)


(Thanks, Bettie!)

(Thanks, Colleen!)

(Thanks, Carrie!)



(Thanks, Lee!)


3 Responses to “Creepmas Day 10: Collaborative Desktop Goodies!”

  1. Snowmen. That doofus smile takes on a whole new meaning with knife in its hand.

  2. Skeleton tree – Yaaay! tickled my funny bone. I saw a report that plants/trees actually have a human-type sense of feelings, that they use it to discern or discriminate obstacles to find moisture, or maybe a juicy buried dead body. So what does this mean? It means if your Christmas tree had a mouth it’d be screaming in agony! Sap is blood man, sap is blood! ~ I also gotta give Chemistree an A+ for extreme originality, that’s definitely a Flintstone vitamin brain buster.

  3. New Day Tree Desktop

    […] owmen. That doofus smile takes on a whole new meaning with knife in its hand. […]

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