Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies Treat Bag #3

Damn, right in the eye…


Sarcastic ghost is like “Boo…or whatever.”


Watched Poltergeist II the other day (great movie, but the first was awesome), and happened to pause for a break on this comical frame:


Oh, hell yes, haunted kitsch sweater!



Amazing pancakes (check out the one on the lower left…wow!):
pumpkin pancakes[5]


The inclusion of something that has eyes does NOT an eyeball make:

Oh, you think your pumpkin is scary? THIS is how they did it in early 20th Century Ireland.
raditional (and utterly terrifying) Halloween turnip jack-o-lantern carved in Ireland in the early 20th century. Note the horrifying teeth.


Ah, the 80’s…when movies had their own cheese-tastic rap theme songs. Take Monster Squad for example. What’s your favorite 80’s horror movie?



Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.


4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies Treat Bag #3”

  1. caffeinatedjoe Says:

    Awesome pics! My favorite film, horror or otherwise, is Halloween (1978)! Hope you have a great Hallowe’en!

  2. Want that haunted sweater!

    Favourite 80s horror movie? Ooh, just too many to choose from: Scanners, The Shining, The Company of Wolves, The Fly… but a personal all-time favourite has to be An American Werewolf in London – for the music, and for Griffin Dunne’s performance as the sardonic, and increasingly-squishy corpse!

    Happy Hallowe’en! -Nx

  3. That’s the most sarcastic ghost I’ve ever seen! I also like that sweater and man, that Irish pumpkin… terrifying!

  4. Hope you had a good one! Despite the rain and roller coaster temps up here, we had a good Halloween 🙂

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