Pre-Treatment Desktop Goodies!

And now a little installment of DG before I go down the medical rabbit hole for an indeterminate period of time.

Man, Edmund’s been talking for a LONG time.

Start ’em young.

Gorgeous vintage Vogue cover by Salvador Dali.

THINK your way to visible virility!

Very little info on this, but wow…

What puffer cake has seen cannot be unseen.

I love this because the skeleton can either be reaching for OR releasing the heart, depending on the eye of the beholder.

The Barbie Dream Snake:

If a higher power exists, I’m sure it speaks through cats exclusively, actually.

“Who you callin’ chicken?”

I wish this were an actual vintage piece.

Tip from the SheWalksSoftly school of psychology: If someone hurts your feelings, sending a greeting card with one of the worst puns on earth is not likely to remedy the relationship.

Now, let’s everybody hope that the doctors have an ALL CHOCOLATE treatment planned for me next week.


6 Responses to “Pre-Treatment Desktop Goodies!”

  1. Oh my lord, you should’ve posted a warning! I sprayed coffee all over my laptop when I saw Hairy Chest, and had just got cleaned up when I spotted the puffer-fish cake… then had to clean up again!

    Love the Dali – but that accordion playing bunny child scares the bejazus out of me 😉

    Brilliant selection of pics yet again. How on earth do you find all this stuff? -Nx

  2. Some words of encouragement.

    Once, when I was going through a major medical ordeal, I was ordered to drink Ensure. It’s awful stuff, so to make it at all tolerable I resorted to putting it into a chocolate shake with lots of chocolate syrup. The result was that since I could stomach chocolate I was ordered to be on an all chocolate diet for three weeks. If such a thing happens to you I think you should know that no matter how much chocolate you consume, you’ll never tire of it.


  3. Sandra Scott Says:

    One of my very favorite collections from you – best wishes, dear.

  4. Medians would be so much more convincing if the dead wandered into the room as skeletons!

    And chocolate as a restorer of exhausted power? Who could ever doubt it?

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