Rally of Positive Healing Energy!

Hi Everyone,

Dana is in a tight spot with medical concerns and, unknown to her, I am asking for a rally of Positive Energy and Love for her. Please send your prayers, thoughts, energy, and whatever means you can muster to push the treatment and recovery in the right direction.

Dana wants nothing more than to be able to resume this blog and begin being her usual self once again. All of you mean so much to this very special woman.

Thank you,

the Proxy Blogger



19 Responses to “Rally of Positive Healing Energy!”

  1. Edward Winfrey Says:

    I look at your blog almost daily, have never left a comment, but I want you to know how much I relish the content – I constantly show the artwork, you present, to friends so they can marvel at it like I do, I am sure all the artist appreciate the exposure too. I knew you had been on a medical hiatus, but didn’t know you were very ill. I truly wish you the best, and hope for a strong recovery – Take Care from a big fan!

  2. Hi Dana,
    Sending massive amounts of positive energy your way and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know you must miss it terribly; being able to blog and do every day things we often take for granted. Your fans really appreciate that you are keeping the blog updated by friends and fellow bloggers. I hope you’re back to blogging soon but in the mean time, take care of yourself and get better.


  3. Sending huge amounts of love, comfort and strength your way, Dana. I hope you know how much we appreciate you and your blog.

  4. Hello from Germany. I send a big Portion of good luck and Hope that you get better Health. I Love your daily Newsletter and I”m so sad that you are in medical hiatus. Wish you the best. Tamara

  5. Been a follower for awhile, seldom comment but always willing to pass along whatever positive energy I can to help. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Lots of positive energy to you, Dana, may you get better soon.
    Best wishes from Denmark!

  7. Forever and always sending positive energy and prayers from your Filetti family. Love you so much, sweetie. No other friend/sister has touched my life as your have.

  8. Hi Dana, I want to thank you for your blog, which has been the home page on my desktop for the past few years. Your posts constantly lift me up when my world seems heavy and uninspired. You add color to my morning. You comfort me. Your blog is my Mac and Cheese. I wish you a speedy and thorough recovery. We all miss you and can’t wait to have you back!

  9. Dearest Dana,
    Sending you lots of positive healing energy and good thoughts your way. I hope you feel better real soon. Looking forward to your full recovery!
    With Kindness,

  10. Great, big therapeutic thoughts from across the Atlantic!

  11. Love and prayers from Florida.

  12. Kerry Kate Says:


  13. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Thank you, Everyone. Dana was in tears over the support. She set me up with some material for upcoming posts despite the pain she is dealing with. Keep this beautiful flow of energy, prayers and support rolling.

  14. Catching up after an absence from blogging. Healing vibes are going out to you right now.

  15. All my happy and encouraging thoughts to you, Dana! You will conquer this and feel better again, I am sure of it.

  16. Woooosh! Sending lots of positive energy and healing light! Sparks flying in your direction, goddess girl!

  17. I remember when you wanted to give up on your blog because it was too much for you to do along with school work and your other priorities. I’m sooo thrilled that you never gave it up. It’s grown and taken on a life of its own. I am sending you warm hugs and positive healing energy in the form of pink light. Don’t you give up…. You are Dana Daring! and my personal hero.

  18. Dear Proxy Blogger, Thank you for keeping this wonderful blog going strong. You are an inspiring friend. Sending love and wellness wishes to Dana!

  19. Looking forward to your recovery, Dana!!

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