Valentine’s Day Countdown: Retro Aprons!

Posted by proxy from Dana’s “stuff to blog” queue while she is on medical hiatus. She reads and appreciates all comments…and apologizes for not being able to respond at the moment.

For you ladies and dapper gents who wish to sport such frilly finery while driven by culinary pursuits, Suburban50s has got you “covered!”

Faith April’s designs stem from memories of  her grandmother, who wore aprons to protect her dresses.  She likes to incorporate Mexican, Rockabilly and Retro themes. She has over 90 to choose.





This little Proxy Poster had too many favourite selections to whittle down, but you can check them all out at:


4 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Countdown: Retro Aprons!”

  1. These are so sweet! One needn’t wear a single thing underneath. Ahem.

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Somebody’s got the Valentine’s spirit! You go girl!

  3. I love them all!!

  4. Carrie Filetti Says:

    If I had one of these, I’d actually enjoying cooking!

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