Vintage Lab Week: Mad Men and Miscreants

Some lesser known films may not be as evident with their Mad Labs. Or perhaps they do not put them to as good use as say Frankenstein or The Mask of Fu Manchu. Below are sets from a smattering of 1930’s Universal Horror Films and B-movies into 1940’s.

The iconic Dracula, Bela Lugosi as Roxor in the 1932 film Chandu the Magician.

Bela Lugosi is seen here in The Invisible Ray (1936), a film which also stars Boris Karloff.

Henry Hull is The Werewolf of London, 1935. Botony, botony, no escaping, not for me!

Dr. Neiman (Boris Karloff) and Daniel (J. Carol Naish) prepare new brains for Frankenstein and the Wolf Man in House of Frankenstein, 1944. It is sad to see how unimportant the filmmakers attention to a laboratory could be in a Frankenstein film!

While not very inspired, this secret laboratory is featured prominently in The Devil Bat, 1940. What does the apparatus do, exactly? Why, it makes giant vampire bats!  Why would you want giant vampire bats? To use them to murder your enemies! How would these giant bats murder your enemies? Train them to kill anyone wearing a special aftershave you devise. Then give it to your enemy as a gift!



3 Responses to “Vintage Lab Week: Mad Men and Miscreants”

  1. Out of all these fantastic choices, I’ve never seen Chandu. Perhaps I must remedy that. Amazing shots!

  2. I’m sold on ‘Devil Bat’. I must see this little treat for sure!

  3. 13hearseman13 Says:

    Glad you two miscreants liked this at least!

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