Laurent Chehere: Flying Houses

Something about de-contextualizing an everyday object makes it quite interesting. These houses in the sky are the work of Laurent Chehere.

Official Website

6 Responses to “Laurent Chehere: Flying Houses”

  1. I guess everyday objects get that way from being seen around the place every day, always good to see them in a new light!

    For me, that first one looks a McDonald’s in a prison tower and the last house appears to be wearing a monocle. In fact, the first one is baffling me. It looks both huge and tiny. Is that a gigantic window or what?

  2. I’m in heaven. No neighbors and too hard for others to stop by for a visit 😉

  3. the strangest thing about these pictures is the one with the birds. The birds look closer to us than the house looks and they are from a different angle so that gives it a more anti-real look than the fact that the buildings are floating.

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