Vintage Book Covers: Ventriloquism

This post is actually inspired by this particular book:

I loved that cover…then realized I’m such a collector-nerd that I had a whole bunch on vintage ventriloquism book covers…who knew?

Simple. Complete. Awkwardly titled.

So lifelike!

They got literal with the cover.

Somehow an LP cover got in the mix…”Instant!”

Why do I even have all of these? Ah well, this lovely 1930’s ventriloquist dummy shall bid you goodbye (we don’t want to get into my folder of antique puppets…no, we do not).


8 Responses to “Vintage Book Covers: Ventriloquism”

  1. Ventriloquism on LP… there’s something wrong there. One of those “doesn’t work on radio” things.

  2. “we don’t want to get into my folder of antique puppets…” Maybe we do.

  3. At the end it’ll be really 😉 sinister:

  4. Good God ventriloquist dummies are terrifying! Even in photos, their eyes say “I want to cut you open slowly and tell you terrible jokes while I’m doing it.”

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