Vintage Book Covers: Wicked Women

Let’s kick off this theme week with some “sinners,” shall we?

Careful, Melvin…

I’m assuming she’s impatient because she hates getting caught in traffic during rush hour.

The worst? Of all? Really?

It happens.

Spell casting was never so sexy…

The greatest thing about this is the repetition of the word.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of vintage pulp covers featuring “wicked” woman but those are easy to find with a simple search. It’s gems like THIS that don’t come along every day.

But since I’m a good girl, I’ll end this post on a moral note.


13 Responses to “Vintage Book Covers: Wicked Women”

  1. “The World’s Worst Women”?!!!

    Someone wrote about book about my ex-girlfriends?!!!

  2. Hey, what’s that lady doing with her vacuum cleaner?

  3. Crazy to think the older ladies of today read such smut! 😉

  4. Saucy! Nothing sucks, like Electrolux!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Haha! Fritz, when you inevitably find the Electrolux stored somewhere in the house (yes, we have one)…just know I haven’t used it for the purposes implied in certain retro books for housewives.

  5. Thanks for the giggle ma’am! 😀

  6. the sensuous witch? more like vacuous vagina witch!

  7. These are fantastic! “The say the harlots ran wild…” unbelievable.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      It’s amazing how many “wicked women” vintage books exist. It must have been a thriving market. I guess every age has its own version of the wicked woman thing for sale.

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