100 Year Old Cake

Here’s an oddity that’s right up my alley. A Christmas spice cake baked in 1911 was found in an abandoned closet, and now resides in Golden Valley, MN, with its current owner Pierre Girard.

The cake carried an inscription on the bottom that said “Xmas Cake Baked in Year 1911 by my Mother’s Brother Alex died December 27. Was operated on Xmas Day.”

Though petrified, the cake still carries the mild scent of cinnamon and spices.

It filled me with joy to learn that Pierre recently threw a party FOR the cake, rather than having cake at a party. Excellent move!



3 Responses to “100 Year Old Cake”

  1. It’s like a Twinkie. 100 years later and not even any mold on it..

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