David Lynch’s Night Club: Silencio

Here’s a new destination for David Lynch fans: Silencio, the Parisian nightclub inspired by the film Mulholland Drive.

The club is buried within a elegant, respectable Parisian block supposedly the burial place of Molière and once home to two influential leftist newspapers–one must descend the six flights of stairs to Silencio before they realize a transformation is afoot. Inside, the visitor will encounter weirdly wonderful spatial sequences, from browsing in the art library and smoking in the “dream forest” to standing at the “Buddhist cocktail bars with their own bijoux cinemas” and passing through a “golden tunnel of mini-mandalas” with gold leaf applied by gilders who decorate the dome over Napoleon’s tomb. All this disorientation and sensory overload are, of course, heightened by copious amounts of alcohol.



6 Responses to “David Lynch’s Night Club: Silencio”

  1. Looks lovely! It also looks really expensive and just the kind of place you’d want to go to numerous times to try out all the different scenes. A deadly mix. Or at least a costly one.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Yes. Personally, I’d probably frequent a recreation of the diner from Twin Peaks (with that wonderful cherry pie) if I had to choose Lynch’s next architectural venture.

  2. Wow. The underground aspect is almost surreal… it’s a posh ‘secret spot’

  3. Bizarrely, there’s a near-exact clone of this place in Shanghai

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