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Just got out of the hospital very early this morning so I’m a little behind on posting, but here are some Insta-Goodies…







Desktop Goodies 3/10

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Let’s take a moment to ogle the beauty of nature…


For some reason, people feel slightly uneasy in this chair.

A tad crass…but definitely my favorite faux Rand McNally cover:

Couldn’t they have thought of more appetizing adjectives than “semi-liquids?” I suppose it beats “lumpy, congealed and vomitous.”

Dana, Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Resist!

Did anyone have this as a kid? It looks awesome.

How can I get my hands on this book? This woman absolutely has life figured out.

Incredible building of unknown origin.

Gorgeous modern interpretation of Danse Macabre!

The old one was no fun at all…

A children’s book illustration. I’m sure no one had nightmares or anything.

Gorgeous Architectural History of Iran

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M1rasoulifard’s Instagram account is filled with gorgeously intricate tessellated ceilings of Iranian mosques.


The kaleidoscopic arrangements of spiraling geometric shapes and indentations are simultaneously hypnotic and mildly disorienting due to the sheer amount of visual stimulation.


Despite not partaking in any organized religion, I’ve always been rather awestruck by religious architecture, as it involves a level of artistry, design acumen and craftsmanship not often seen in other standard buildings.

Whether you worship or not…what’s the most beautiful place of worship you’ve ever seen?


Desktop Goodies 11/15

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I’ve always been fascinated by “visible” anatomy models. I finally have a kit, waiting to be built (it’s a real labor of love, as all the organs and parts are white and must be hand painted!). But I look forward to it. Here’s a classic:

Is he dead in the back of your van?

A lesser known medical condition…

Maybe it’s just me, but not once in my life have I thought I’d like to “relax” by having my breasts vibrate.

If you want to feel like a rainbow threw up on your bed, I’ve got the sheets for you! The lollipop (and satisfied smile) really makes this image.

Gorgeous pulp art illusion.

Octopus gargoyle! More buildings need these.

One of the most breathtaking sand sculptures I’ve ever seen.

This is a real book. Can you image, even in your wildest dreams, a more romantic title? Nevermind the fact that he appears to be strangling her.

Wow. Ads have come a long way. Now they only imply that people hate the sight of you.

Yes, please.

Most of us probably walk around having no idea how adorable baby llamas are. Now you know.

Caption contest: what is this bear telling her?

Elaborate Door Embellishments

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A post on Dark Roasted Blend inspired me to go down a mad rabbit hole of door embellishments (I know…around the Internet I can’t be trusted not to research some of the most useless but fascinating collections on earth).


These images are from the source post, because they did the beautifully convenient job of combining more than one per image, but a vast wonderland of heavy, metal sonorous sculptures awaits if you poke around online.


This woman hanging on as her body gets blown away, washed away or otherwise horizontally whooshed is one of my favorites.

Check out that one on the left! Undoubtedly it is one of the most complexly designed mechanisms for the simple purpose of knocking on a door.

Because the Internet has thought of everything (and thought of everything a lot), a quick search on Pinterest reveals hundreds of boards dedicated to door adornments. I had to yank myself away from the screen to stop looking! And while I never thought I’d ask anyone “Sooooo, what’s your favorite door knocker?” please feel free to share if you do have a preference in this arbitrary category.

Mita Makura (?)

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I have no information on this artist (nor am I even certain I have the right name), but I nonetheless became captivated by these incredibly detailed structures.


It’s like MC Escher on digital steroids…


I feel like I need to take a good while to get lost in each one, exploring all of the objects, angles, shadows and surprises.



A few more here.

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.


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Medical hiatus no-typing mix…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond at the moment.






Eszenyi Gábor

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Wow…Eszenyi Gabor’s architectural sculptures are rather amazing.

Strange collages of style and form blend together in these creations (though I do have a predilection for odd angular towers). Perhaps my favorite attribute is that these structures look cobbled together with real materials…a far cry from un-textured architectural models that may be gorgeous but lack a certain “lived in” quality that makes one almost believe an imaginary troupe of tiny builders is responsible.

In addition, they cast shadows which are in and of themselves works of art.

See more here.

Renovated Church House

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I have a bit of a thing for renovated church houses. Practicality aside, the architecture, spaciousness and design…transformed into a place of residence…can be quite a sight to behold.

Here is a particularly nice one.

A nondescript exterior and a yard dominated by headstones give no indication of the residential nature of this historic church in Kyloe, Northumberland. A couple decided to purchase and readapt the structure, investing nearly three times the purchase price into renovations over the course of several years.

Restoration is more prevalent than renovation, with original stained glass windows throughout, and repurposed church fixtures abounding. Much of the original seating in the church was refinished and placed throughout the home.

The outside:

See a few more images at the source.

HR Giger Museum Bar

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I have always wanted to visit the HR Giger Museum but there is entirely too much to post about there. So today I’m going to focus only on the museum bar.

The womb-like interior of the otherworldly environment that is the H.R. Giger Museum Bar is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle.

With its bone-colored furniture and awe inspiring interior design, the wing of the castle that houses the Museum Bar has a a truly organic feel. The cast concrete surfaces of the bar furnishings have been polished to the point that they are skin soft to the touch, enhancing the impression of being inside a once living creature, of sitting on something, perhaps less than alive, but very warm and enveloping just the same.

Has anyone been to this marvelous place? If so…please tell me about it!

Read about the bar (and see some other pictures) in this article.

HR Giger Museum