Beat Black

Oh, we know I can’t resist a good piece of brain jewelry. Here are a couple from Beat Black.

A friendship necklace:

And for your classy ensembles…

There is some goth fare:

Perfect for Monster cons and B-movie marathons:

See more here.

4 Responses to “Beat Black”

  1. I know this artist 😉 I’ve been there neighbour at a couple of shows. Very nice person, so you can feel even better about buying from them!

  2. THEIR neighbour. *sigh* We’ll blame the heat on my poor grammar.

  3. Awesome cover flats, Mark! Movin’ on up into the big time, huh? Hmm I can’t help but always onnipeg my mouth only to stick my foot in it. I have a smart mouth and it so loves to get me into trouble! LOLBut, on the lighter side, I also can’t help but relate darn near everything back to a song in some way. This is much safer than my having to make a snappy comeback, but just as irritating, I’m told.

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