Beautiful Breakup Ceremony

I think this is a lovely complement to yesterday’s celebration of matrimony: a romantic breakup ceremony.

Xu Minyu and Xiao Ying, two Chinese students, enjoyed a happy relationship throughout their four years in college. However, careers pulled them in different directions upon graduation so they decided to hold a gorgeous public breakup (reminiscent of a grandiose wedding proposal).

Not all relationships end with anger, betrayal or bitterness. Sometimes two good people who love each other must separate because of location, life goals, wanting (or not wanting) children, etc. Fairy tales teach us that love is always enough for a Happily Ever After. But in real life, when this is not possible, why not celebrate the beauty of the union? Of course, not everyone must do this in public with lights and dozens of roses…but I like the idea behind paying tribute to what a loved one has contributed to our existence.

4 Responses to “Beautiful Breakup Ceremony”

  1. What a lovely idea!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I agree. We usually hear the terrible gossip behind breakups, but sometimes good partnerships must come to an end without animosity. That’s something worth honoring.

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