Jewish Marriage Contracts

In honor of my home state now allowing gay marriage (a measure that brings us one small yet much-needed step closer to honoring the basic rights of every human being), I give you a beautiful series of antique Jewish marriage contracts from around the world.

For those who think marriage is “just a piece of paper,” this tradition certainly makes the most of it! The artistry is incredible. I don’t know what the contract states, but I’m going to pretend it’s something amazing and sublimely meaningful to the particular partnership it commemorates.

Think about it. You could immortalize your own vows and promises in calligraphic glory on parchment, whether you wish to say that you are two halves of a single soul…or that you won’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.

My dear roommate and I were recently talking about how various friendships could even benefit from some sort of formalized written understanding.

In all seriousness, everyone should be allowed to pursue love and happiness, and to have it recognized in the eyes of whatever government, God or Flying Spaghetti Monster they choose. NY…may your actions be the first of MANY steps in a global effort to honor humanity without judgment.


3 Responses to “Jewish Marriage Contracts”

  1. Stephen and I considered getting a ketubah made when we got married. I never found a design that I liked and Stephen didn’t seem interested in painting one on his own. Even though neither of us are Jewish, I really liked this tradition. My plan was to have our vows written on it. If you order one you can select text to be printed on it in Hebrew or in English, or both. I really wish we had done it. It is a beautiful reminder of the commitment you made on your wedding day.

  2. shewalkssoftly Says:

    I like the tradition too (and would definitely enjoy the process of designing one). Perhaps a ketubah would make a nice anniversary gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

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