Ryan Matthew: Against Nature Atelier

Something fans of Oddities may not know is that Ryan Matthew is also one of the owners of Against Nature, a lower east side atelier that specializes in bespoke suits.

From the website:
Inspiration is culled from a wide range of sources, yielding a distinctly contemporary collection that nonetheless recalls the fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sartorial elegance of an earlier epoch.

For those wondering where Ryan gets his amazing suits…now you know.

While most contemporary clothing is mass produced on factory machines, Against Nature offers the opportunity to step back into a bygone age when clothing was custom tailored with choice fabric and impeccably measured to the exact specifications of the customer.

The store offers a wide variety of the finest quality imported material, and each suit is entirely hand crafted with multiple fittings over a one to two month period to ensure perfect construction.

Ryan crafts the perfect accessories (Victorian sensibility with a bit of edge) for suits of this caliber: rings, cufflinks, tie bars, stick pins, money clips, belts, bracelets.

No, they are not all skulls and bones…I just happen to like these…

Commissioning a suit from Against Nature is undoubtedly an experience of luxury- far from the common off-the-rack perusals where nothing seems to fit quite right.

See and learn more about this unique venture on the following sites:
Against Nature homepage
Doyle Mueser (designers)
Ryan Matthew (click “shop” for jewelry selections)

3 Responses to “Ryan Matthew: Against Nature Atelier”

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