Ernst Haeckel

Every now and then I have to sit back and re-marvel at Ernst Haeckel’s work.

Even the first part of his brief Wiki biography is mind-blowing: biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, and coined many terms in biology, including anthropogeny, ecology, phylum, phylogeny, and the kingdom Protista.

(Apologies to anyone who thought they were having a productive day and just got knocked down a few pegs)

I don’t think I could ever look at the staggering beauty with which he depicts the natural world and not be utterly awestruck.

Nature itself is perhaps the greatest artist, but it takes a phenomenally talented human being to represent it with such masterful technique.

I was actually stunned to recently discover that I don’t have any books of Haeckel’s work. Any recommendations? I’d also like to seek out a few choice prints.


14 Responses to “Ernst Haeckel”

  1. Liesje Kraai Says:

    Working on a film right now using his work.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Liesje, please don’t let this film slip through the cracks for me in any way. Link me to it, post about it…make sure I see it so I can share and post it too! I’m psyched. 🙂

  2. Amazing stuff.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      That movie is number 2 on my Netflix queue right now! And I absolutely love Leuckart’s work! I almost included him in the Haeckel post. Thanks for being so in tune with my aesthetic preferences. 🙂

      • The Proteus movie will appeal to your good sense of taste in this too, I think. It seems like I remember seeing some of Leuckart’s charts in high school biology class but can’t be sure. Certainly fits the scenario anyway.

        Thanks for your entertaining and interesting blog. Glad you made it through the “rapture” 🙂 …wasn’t that a Blondie song…?

  3. shewalkssoftly Says:

    Damn, I forgot about the Blondie song! That would have been a great addition to my post on Saturday!

    • Well, apparently now the date has been revised and so you’ll have another chance around Oct. 21st…crazy!

      • shewalkssoftly Says:

        Hahaha…I just heard about that. Don’t you hate it when the end of the world is just LATE showing up? So rude.

  4. How do I buy one of his posters?

  5. The Mystical Qabalah

    Ernst Haeckel | SheWalksSoftly

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