Desktop Goodies 5/6

An elegant lady knows that one must always match her toilet paper with her evening gown.

When I attempted to make a shoofly pie and had an accident that propelled hot molasses over every surface of my kitchen (ceilings included), I wish I could say it was for a justifiable reason…like a donkey sneaking up on me.

One must pause and think “Just because we CAN, does it mean we SHOULD?”

Who’s proud to be an American?

Pay attention zoology students. This is how animals really work.

This next piece may require some time to sink in. I invite you to write your own narrative.

I agree that music can be a fantastic and enriching part of life from a very young age, but I’m not sure it should be documented in exactly this fashion.

I know one of my favorite kitties would love to levitate. He’s into ceilings. I’m not thinking of making the little hat for him or anything…nope…not at all…

I’m watching Doctor Who these days. Had to grab this screen shot with my phone’s camera.

DANGERMOUSE CUPCAKES! This was my favorite cartoon as a kid. By Naomi.

Sans tentacles and ruffled collar, I would love this outfit (part of me will always remain a soft core Goth).

(Thanks to Kitschy Living for a couple of these images)

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