Impromptu Groundhog Day Megapost

I hadn’t planned to commemorate Groundhog Day (arguably our most ludicrous holiday in the US). But I got carried away with some absurdities I can’t help sharing.

Let’s start with some groundhog art.


My favorite:

There were a number of groundhog mascot outfits.

This one looks like he’s being held up by the cops:

I can’t quite explain why I find these photos so entertaining. Maybe it’s the unflattering angles…maybe the logo…

I’ve heard rumors that the neighborhood groundhogs don’t trust this guy:

…or this adorable decoy.

I was rather surprised by the culinary representations of the groundhog.

Most cakes and cupcakes appear unnerved, unhappy or otherwise deranged.

I would NOT disturb this one…

I’m not sure this technically IS a groundhog, but the photo was titled “groundhog-plus.”

I really hope the person who made this has a terrific story behind it, or feels a special connection with the animal. That’s the only way I can justify its existence.

A moment frozen in taxidermy.



3 Responses to “Impromptu Groundhog Day Megapost”

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    […]Impromptu Groundhog Day Megapost « SheWalksSoftly[…]…

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