Kirsty Mitchell: Wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell has a gift for creating elaborate photographs without the use of common digital manipulations. Here are a few from her Wonderland series.

How could I NOT love these book laden images?

Her vibrant landscapes are all natural locations she carefully scouts, and clothing/props are meticulously created (often hand dyed) to match. Clearly, intense preparation goes into every shot. The result: bursts of surreal, fairy tale scenery to complement the beauty of nature that surrounds.

The inspiration behind this series is complex and multifaceted, but it is partially a tribute to her mother who passed away a few years ago. I only wish I could memorialize my mother with such images.

Have a look at the galleries on her site.

One Response to “Kirsty Mitchell: Wonderland”

  1. From Kirsty Mitchell Photography studio comes a dreamworld inspired by Alice in Wonderland, made with Elbie van Eeden – Make-Up/Hair Artist. Photography as a mean to exorcise pain. Art as a a solace.
    More info here:

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