Cthulhu Christmas

“Cthulhu Christmas” felt like an appropriate title for an image odyssey…and I was not disappointed. Something about this creature of the deep seems to lend itself to holiday crafting and products.

Let’s start with a tree topper and ornament from Think Geek:

Santa Cthulhu:

Another, found here.

Looks like this is a popular motif (I like this one’s attitude):

The Mr. and Mrs.:

A nifty card found here:

Another great card from 7 Deadly Sinners:

I love the sun catcher:

Cthulhu cthupcake!

This plush wreath is pretty well done:

There are so many images out there of ornaments, plushies, decorations and cards…if you’re into the Cthulhu thing, definitely poke around online this season.


7 Responses to “Cthulhu Christmas”

  1. My mom puts a paper dragon I made when I was like 6 years old on top of the xmas tree!

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  3. Cute and inspirational!

  4. Thank you for joining me at the hetarh. I hope you enjoy your stay :)Looking through your blog I see some very exciting things for me to read through, of which I’m looking forward.Kind regardsMark

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