The Black Broom

I’ve waded through a sea of advertising requests from sites that clearly do not belong on this blog (prefab vinyl siding, drug companies…you name it). So it’s a real treat to have support from sites that make one of a kind, dark delights I would personally add to my own collection of oddities.

I present: The Black Broom, purveyors of fine occult and dark unique wares.

Unique, indeed! Everything on the site is handcrafted and not available elsewhere. You’ll find things for the home, like this Devil Spoon:

Or if you prefer the devil on your wall…

I was really impressed with this necklace version of “The Kiss.” Truly haunting, and superbly crafted.

They carry one of my favorite alchemical symbols, the ouroboros (even the packaging is beautiful).

The roster of infamous man and myth that shows up in their products is worth perusing simply for the history! Gods and villains from a variety of cultures are cast in stone and metal, with a thorough description to accompany each piece (really, you’ll find everything from ancient legends to iconic lowbrow pop art).

You can even have them on buttons for your clothing!

Some objects are classy and refined, with a sinister twist.

…and their skull replicas appear disarmingly real.

Now, even though I’m a cheap bastard, I must say that their prices are quite good for handcrafted objects, meticulously constructed from quality material. A number of these items are going on my wish and gift lists.

Visit The Black Broom

2 Responses to “The Black Broom”

  1. Very nice collection…Someone sholud say something to Keith Richards about that ‘Devil Spoon’…

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