House on the Rock

I have never wanted to hop a plane to Wisconsin so badly in my life. I absolutely must visit the House on the Rock.

I’m going to be honest. I can’t write detailed descriptions of all the rooms in this place, because I WILL impulsively buy a plane ticket I can’t afford…and we don’t want that, now do we?

However, I will direct you to this fantastic post that describes the house in more detail.

Antiques, oddities, puppets, monsters, instruments, specimens, props, masks, machines, weapons, books, carnival and sideshow relics…enough to make one’s head explode in the most delightful way.

A wise friend recently pointed out a common thread in my preferences: a penchant for intensely created little worlds full of unique vision. I think this place is a perfect example. I like to be sensually overwhelmed, immersed in creativity, history, the carefully crafted extremes of madness and entertainment. Places that collect the bizarre fringes of human invention never fail to fascinate me.

Each bit of ephemera tells a story…stories run through my head with every picture I see…

Time to count the change in my jar and save up for that ticket…

Official site


7 Responses to “House on the Rock”

  1. Well now would be the time to go to, as you don’t want to visit Wisconsin in the winter.

  2. take me with youuuu!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      We should all start a “House on the Rock fund” and venture there together one day!

      • YES!!! I would absolutely love to go and additionally there is a museum of Christmas kitsch in the same area I would love to see as well.

  3. Go! By all means! And do plan on making a day trip of it – you cannot do the place justice if you do not – it is HUGE! 😀 Been there – more than once!

  4. LOVE THIS WHOLE SITE!!!!!!!!!!

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