Grief: An Image Odyssey, and Words to Live By

I rarely make text-based posts, but My Ghoul Friday just posted something I feel is very worth sharing. I’m going to intersperse the text with a image odyssey using the word “death.”

And So We Grieve…

(by bentolman)

Death is always sad, but the reasons for this sadness vary from person to person. And sometimes the sadness comes from an unexpected place.

The tears shed for someone much loved is easier to explain. Obvious, even.

But what about a life spent in bitterness? In pettiness?

We grieve for what could have been.

(by bp-girl)

We weep for the love withheld, and the anger – not joy – heard in a laugh or hidden just beneath a toothy smile. We ponder how cold a life must have been for a person who hid their love away from those who sought it.

We grieve for what could have been. What should have been.

Today I ask you – how will people grieve for you? Will it be because there is now a void in their life that was filled with the love you gave? Will you be remembered for the kindness you showed to others?

(by Lyekka)

Or will people grieve for the life and energy wasted on shallowness. On selfishness. On racism. On elitism.

The last of my living grandparents has left us. And her legacy is one of spite and manipulation.

If there is a heaven, and she manages to talk her way in, I hope she is filled with a blinding love ten times as luminous as the pockets of black she left here on earth.

And so I ask you: How will people grieve for you?

(by liiga)

Withholding love or even a simple kindness from those around you – be it kin, neighbour or stranger – is the same as spreading hate. And no amount of pious, self-righteous reasoning changes that fact.

I mourn any loss of life that brings with it a silent, guilt-ridden sigh of relief from the lips of someone left behind.

I grieve for what could have been.

But my grief will be fleeting.

My Ghoul Friday

(by Redjuice)

I hope that as time goes by, the laugh lines on my face will run deep. And when I shuffle off this mortal coil, I will leave a legacy of kindness and compassion. May this world somehow be slightly better because I was in it.

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”
-Horace Mann

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