Uncomfortable Furniture Week: Water Bottles and Weapons

There’s no mention of the actual designer on the source page, but this lounge chair is made of hundreds of small water bottles.

When I hear the term “Aqua Lounge Chair” I think of something a bit more…blissful.

Now, when I hear “Throne of Weapons,” I’m pretty sure bliss isn’t anywhere in the picture.

But this piece wasn’t just a simple way to upcycle a gun collection.

These guns began life in the poisonous smelting factories of Russia, Eastern Europe, Korea or Portugal, before being put to bloody use in the dense jungles of Mozambique’s coastal lowlands. Now, under the initiative of Bishop Dinis Sengulane, they are crafted into icons that carry a nation’s hopes for peace.



4 Responses to “Uncomfortable Furniture Week: Water Bottles and Weapons”

  1. excellent way to recycle war instruments… 🙂

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