Uncomfortable Furniture Week: FUNature

This environmentally friendly design by Hugh Hayden takes its inspiration for the ball pits that children play in.

The FUNature furniture line is made up of non-toxic, repurposed, low-density polyethylene (salvaged tennis balls), put together in a patent-pending tension matrix. The pieces are flexible and adjustable, adapting to the user’s body and position much like the ball-pool but with a bit more stability. Hayden’s collection consists of chairs, piles, poufs, stools and tables in various sizes to accommodate both big and small bodies. The pieces are available in prescribed and custom colors, as well as custom ball patterns.

My own memories of play area ball pits are less than enchanting, but I bet children would enjoy these chairs for the novelty.



2 Responses to “Uncomfortable Furniture Week: FUNature”

  1. harlequinoflove Says:

    I am in LOVE with these chairs. Thank you for the link!

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