Uncomfortable Furniture Week

I’ve been collecting links of obscenely uncomfortable looking furniture, figuring I’d eventually do a theme week with them. That time has arrived! Next week will be Uncomfortable Furniture Week here on SheWalksSoftly. If you have any links/pictures of crazy furniture, please share!

Or just sit back and enjoy…


2 Responses to “Uncomfortable Furniture Week”

  1. Thanks for sharing your information. Love all of your great photos. I mostly live outdoors, so here are some ideas you need to think about. Wood wears and falls apart eventually. You’ll want to treat it yearly, which is no fun. And you must treat every nook and cranny on each piece, you know water will find a way in. Resin will discolor and have to be bleached to clean, but it is [reasonable. Plastic can be a bit uncomfortable. The smart outdoor furniture is wrought iron. And if you get a quality set. It’s worth the cost. I’m a long time lurker and first time commenter!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Thanks so much for chiming in, Ben! Any ideas for the best deck material? I have to replace mine.

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