Tiny Houses on Tiny Islands

Even as an adult, the whole idea of a “secret hideaway” never lost its appeal. I still daydream about escaping to tiny cabins in the middle of nowhere to be alone with books, projects or a special someone.

The Tiny House Blog has a nice little collection of island cabins.


Something about these isolated capsules of comfort is almost meditative.


Granted, they are not the most convenient locations, and in the event of a storm or intense food craving (both of which are equally severe in my opinion) you’re pretty much out of luck.


However, I’d be willing to chance it for a few days and simply show up fortified with oil lanterns and an array of sweets.


See more here.


One Response to “Tiny Houses on Tiny Islands”

  1. Berteenia Young Says:

    There is peace in just looking at these beautiful images in time. We need to have thoughts of these types of possible experiences. I really enjoyed viewing these images. What I like most about them is they are all surrounded by water. It would take great effort for someone to come and visit.

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