Indoor Camping

When I was a child, I used to build elaborate forts and tents in my house. I’d use anything; furniture, boxes, blankets, household objects, intricate string setups for hanging cloth. Then those beloved ephemeral worlds would be destroyed.

Here’s a favorite indoor camping photo (sadly, not my own). I can’t tell what I love more: the library itself, the setup, or the particular combination of the two.


Over the last few years, I’ve had an odd urge to “camp out” in the large open space of my window-filled living room during a thunderstorm.

Brian, thanks for reminding me of yet another absurd goal!



6 Responses to “Indoor Camping”

  1. Just further proof to me that we share the same soul…surely we must have split ourselves apart in order to experience twice the amount of life. Can we PLEASE camp out together in a library during a thunderstorm someday?

  2. I sleep permanetly in one of these pop up shelters, bed stick out of the end, but I love it. Wish I could live in one of those japanese cubicle hotels.

  3. cunt

    Indoor Camping | SheWalksSoftly

  4. dyke

    Indoor Camping | SheWalksSoftly

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    Indoor Camping | SheWalksSoftly

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    Indoor Camping | SheWalksSoftly

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