Slice O’ Lenin

What better way to commemorate leaders of the past than turning a likeness of their corpse into a giant cake?

Ann W . lw . dead lenin

To mark the 136th anniversary of V.I. Lenin’s birth (odd number to celebrate, no?), artist Yuri Shabelnikov created this life-sized cake in the late nineties.

lenin cake 2

I love the expressions on the children. The head section was saved for VIPs, naturally.

lenin cake face

Source (of course)

4 Responses to “Slice O’ Lenin”

  1. That cake is at the vanguard of deliciousness!

  2. Wow. Just….wow.
    Or, as one of my favorite comic book characters would say, “Great Lenin’s ghost!”

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t call that art , i think it’s morbid , what pleasure is there rely to make a cake of a dead person and slice it . I guess you can’t give me what u ain’t got , i have only one word for this cake and that is ..SAD. Especially when it promotes cannabalism , SAD. and where children are concerned that is rely SAD. and it grieves me .

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