Emotional Toast: A Megapost

I’m fascinated by random cultural explosions that take place around arbitrary objects. Bacon has become a veritable phenomenon over the past two years, and I’m noticing steady growth of the toast trend.


I’ll refrain from posting images of pictures burned into toast…it’s been done ad nauseum. I will, however, show you this meta-toast mosaic:

It’s not just an emergence of toast products I’ve noticed (such as Tic Tac Toast, toast bandages or the toast clock). Toast is gaining a personality.

Now let’s enjoy some brief nostalgia.

In 1989, After Dark introduced the Flying Toast Screensaver (first for Mac, later for Windows):

Later, Sims Carnival allowed for more intergalactic toast possibilities.

Who can forget the 1990’s pioneer of these crumbly, starchy heroes, POWDERED TOAST MAN?

High-velocity raisins, corrosive croutons, acidic marmalade, flying butter pats…and of course, flight. He had it all.

Years later, we meet Mr. Toast and his mini empire.
gpagecenterThere are countless variations of Mr. Toast images and products. Personally, I’m a fan of Vampire Toast:

(Love the shiny cape…very classy)

Slightly more menacing is this toast from one of my favorite web comics.


Never thought toast could be sad? Well, My Paper Crane proves that it can be, if aware of its ominous scorching fate.

If you prefer your toast enraged and screaming, you can now purchase a Mini Toast Pocket Friend:

In fact, angry toast does seem to be all the rage (pun intended).

There was even a design contest based on the concept.

But wait! Not all toast is tragic!


Look at Senor Happy Toast, gleefully self-buttering:

And my own soft toast creations, circa 2006 (and part of a complete plush breakfast) were pretty happy too:

Yummy Pancake’s Mr Toastee flickr set runs the whole gamut.


Dressed up…


Whole wheat, original and rye (together in perfect harmony)…

Some modern toast creations include bizarre, counter-intuitive designs like this Soft Toaster Cell Phone Holder, complete with bear face and ears:
(The toast, also with a face, is supposed to “wipe off” the phone…wonder if it’s large enough for touch screen phones)

Are you…
(Image source link now dead)

What are your feelings about the growing Cult of Toast?

4 Responses to “Emotional Toast: A Megapost”

  1. I have an app on my iPhone called “More Toast!”…it makes toast in a little two slice toaster, you even get to “push” the lever down. You get a choice of six different things to toast, 12 different toppings (including Nutella!!!), one or two slices and how dark/light you want it. And then you get to ‘eat’ it! Thought it was worth telling about…I love me some toast!


  2. Wow, that really was an epic post. Kind of like an 11 minute classic rock song where, every time you think it’s over, a new section starts.

    Keep it up!

  3. i like your ebony and ivory (together in perfect harmony) reference. toast!

  4. Senor Happy Toast was the best! “gleefully self-buttering” I about died laughing!

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