Love Week, 2/9-2/15

Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday. I believe that Love is the most essential energy in life, but am vehemently opposed to the commodification of this beautiful force. Capitalism has a way of bastardizing life’s magnificent truths.

That being said…I’m a die-hard romantic and gladly embrace an excuse to celebrate Love in imaginative, crafty ways.

I’m forever trying to make my heart, mind and ideals gel for an “appropriate” Valentine’s Day expression.

(image from here)

This week I’m sharing unconventional, kitschy, macabre and otherwise quirky bits that I feel are (even loosely) related to the holiday. I see Love in the strange and unusual…so join me, won’t you?

And please submit your own crazy love ideas, if you’ve got ’em!

One Response to “Love Week, 2/9-2/15”

  1. Although I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “love,” I “love” this picture, and am at the moment considering getting it tattooed on my back.

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