Brain Coral

How could I not love something that combines anatomy and the deep sea? Spheres of Brain Coral can be found in all the world’s oceans, complete with their winding channeled grooves that resemble our gray matter.



Isn’t that wonderful? Now I’m wondering whether other marine entities evoke human anatomy…

5 Responses to “Brain Coral”

  1. Well, why don’t you take up scuba diving and find out what other marvels there are under the sea?

  2. I wonder if these brain corals are actually formed the same way that the human brain is formed. That is, do they grow inside some sort of shell or ‘skull’ before escaping?

  3. i used to have a brain coral, i used to take it in the bath with me! :S

  4. […] I’ve been dreaming of new locations to hang, glue, display shells, rocks, and huge chunks of brain coral plucked from somewhere in the South Pacific.  Here’s a cool photo of what they all look like from She Walks Softly. […]

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