Horrible Sweet

I love Horrible Sweet designs. They are exactly the kind of good-natured misfits I enjoy collecting.


Cute? Not exactly. Lovable? Not to most. But as an eternal fan of contradiction, these sweetly horrible beings appeal to me.


I want to tell them all it’s going to be okay.


Have a look at some truly unique toy creations.

2 Responses to “Horrible Sweet”

  1. Oh honey, sometimes, no matter how badly you want to…there are some things (or actors) that you can’t truly tell it’s going to be okay and mean it.

  2. I find myself drawn to the naked, hairless and scarred baby doll. I don’t know why… I mean, it looks like a fetus.

    And as for the others… well even the Island of Misfit Toys would surely vote them off first week! LOL.

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