Igor Siwanowicz

Igor Siwanowicz has a collection of beautiful wild life photographs. Some of his subjects take on an almost human expression, like this sly fellow:

I particularly like “Mantis .v. Mealworm,” which begs the question “Is ignorance really bliss?”


9 Responses to “Igor Siwanowicz”

  1. I wonder if that mantis does porn. Green porn that is.

  2. Igor,
    You probably know the trick to increase your depth of field in macro-photography. Put an extension tube between your lens and the camera. That way, you open up a little world and your camera acts like a gigantic microscope. The backside of an insect is in sharp focus, and so is the head.
    Experiment with different lengths of extension tube and lens type until you find what suits you. You probably know this anyway, but I’m just commenting on it. I can’t find your website or email address, but I’m sure someone will pass this on to you. Your photo “Satan’s Helper” is just brilliant.

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