Wim Delvoye

I was *beyond* excited to view Wim Delvoye’s collection of Gothic anatomical stained glass windows. I have had so many x-rays and scans over the years that I am, most likely, radioactive by now. I always wished to keep my x-ray prints for various art pieces. It’s thrilling to see bones and organs immortalized in this classic fashion.

Click images for better view…

There is romance:


The genius carries over into laser cut steel construction devices:

And a wood carved cement truck:

I can’t link to individual galleries (flash site, perhaps), but they are all worth a look.

One Response to “Wim Delvoye”

  1. Hi, Perhaps you’d also be interested in the following:


    I’ve been working with röntgen images for the last four years, next to my other works on paper, the images are made by etching a new image in to the existing röntgen photo, therefore you could call them röntgen etchings.


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